Module 0 - Setup

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  1. Describe the concept/benefits of developing on a remote server vs. local
  2. Explain the remote edit refresh cycle/feedback loop
  3. Connect to the server and make a simple change via code editor
  4. Log output to console

Exercise 0.1

Setup prerequisite tools and software

  • bitbucket
  • Codio

Remote Dev Server

Fork https//

Why Use a DevServer?

  • “Works on my machine.”
  • Share work with friend or coworker for feedback
  • More resources available to handle large code bases.

Exercise 0.2

Start with the basics: a hello-world web page

  1. Log into your Bitbucket account and fork the web-starter repo:

    Help on how to fork a repository on Bitbucket

    Copy the URL of your forked repo for the next step

  2. In the terminal to the left, clone the forked repo as follows:

    hg clone

    Press Enter/Return

    You should see the web-starter folder appear in the filetree to the left of the terminal.

  3. Setup the code using the following sequence of commands (pressing Enter/Return between each):

    cd web-starter
    npm install
  4. Open up index.js (it’s inside “web-starter” in the file tree to the left) and change line 8 to a Codio-compliant port:

    app.listen(1024, () => console.log('web-starter running on port 1024'));
  5. Return to the terminal by clicking on the left tab and run the following command:

    node index.js

    Remember to press Enter/Return

    If you get an error, try running npm install and node index.js again.

You are done when you see the message “web-starter running on port 1024”

Edit/Refresh Cycle


  • Several kinds of editors:

    • Command-line editors: emacs, vim, nano
    • GUI: Notepad, Sublimetext, Atom, VSCode
    • IDE: Xcode, Visual Studio, IntelliJ
  • Choose the tool that works for you!

Exercise 0.3

Starting the Web Server

Before we begin, let’s start the web server. You can use a shortened version of the commands from before node web-starter/index.js:

You should see a preview of your web page in the bottom-right panel.

Exercise 0.3 - Change Your Webpage

Use the IDE window on the left showing index.js to change the text of your “hello world” to “meow!”

Cycling the Web Server

Stop the web server by clicking on the terminal and pressing ctrl+c. Restart the web-server by typing node web-starter/index.js into the terminal (press Enter).

Refresh the preview below to see the website change!

Exercise 0.4

Log a Request

Whenever a user makes a web request, write something to console.

Hint: Check out

Exercise 0.5

Be Bold!

We’ve been using res.send(…) just for text, but it turns out we can also use it for HTML. Can you make the text on the page bold?

Hint: Check out this HTML tag: