About Me

I am looking for a internship during 2019 summer in USA. I will be able to work full-time about 3 months. If I am fit to your positions, I am more than pleased to be contacted with.




  • Bachelor: China University of Geosciences, Beijing, 2014~2018
    • Major: Software Engineering
    • Overall GPA: 3.91/4.0
  • Master: Duke University, 2018~now
    • Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
      • Track: Software Engineering

English ability: TOEFL score 101(11/18/2017), with Reading 28, Listening 24, Speaking 24, Writing 25.


  • The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest(ACM/ICPC) Asia Regional Contest, Dalian Site 2016, Bronze
  • National Scholarship
  • Honored Graduate Student
  • etc…

Technical Skills

Current evaluation of myself: a junior software development engineer.

  • Programming Languages:
    • C/C++
    • J2EE
    • Swift
    • Python 3
  • Familiar with Objected-Orientation Analysis and Design
  • Familiar with software engineering, testing, project management, meassure
  • Familiar with Unix-like environment, like macOS, Ubuntu

Project and Internship Experience


  • Attaching great importance to efficiency and time management, being good at programming to reduce human work.
  • Exceptionally talented in the analytical theme search for reasons and causes.
  • Outcome prediction ability, coming up quickly on potential risks and final results.
  • Communication skills. I usually find it easy to put thoughts into words, which makes me a good conversationalists and collaborator.
  • Being responsible to the decisions I made, undertake the costs as well as the benefits.
  • Holding a international vision, used to being a exchange student in Canada, having a deep thought about culture difference among China and America.